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DIMT is a customisable web application designed to help your company go digital without any of the stress or hassle usually associated with putting your business online. Our app is cloud-based and completely customisable, meaning that you and your colleagues can access important digital documents from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for process automation, increased communication, access to documentation, or simply a more efficient operations process, we have you covered.

After consulting with us, our team will build a fully customised app to suit your business, providing expert advice, superior customer support, and cost-effective solutions to suit your business and workforce.

Time and time again, studies have shown how digitalising your company can improve all aspects of work, creating happier employees, more streamlined business operations, accurate data and stock management, and more.

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Our App Makes it Easy to Turn Your Company Digital

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DIMT creates totally bespoke, custom apps for business customers, tailoring style and functionality in accordance with your taste. We can make your web application as simple or as complex as you desire, offering a wide range of functionalities to suit your specific industry. No two DIMT apps look the same, which makes our product stand out from other traditional off-shelf applications.

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Because of the bespoke nature of our web applications, DIMT creates business apps to suit all industries. Our apps have a massive range of functionalities, meaning that you can choose what your business needs to achieve by going digital, and we can create it in app form. Whether you want to streamline operative processes, increase communication, simplify data analysation or create extra automation in your business- we can help.

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As the digital world expands, cloud-based software is proving itself time and time again as a leader in business operations, allowing employees, customers, and management to communicate together from anywhere in the world. By storing your web app in the cloud, DIMT ensures that your data and documentation is safe, accessible, and secure- with the benefit of remote access.

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Going digital can be daunting, especially if you’re not the most technologically-minded person. DIMT understands this, which is why we create customised cloud software to suit your business uniquely. We can simplify apps to make them easier to use, and will guide you through the whole process of app usage from start to finish. After launching your app, we guarantee exceptional customer service that’s there for you whenever you have a problem.

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With cloud-based software, working from home has never been easier. DIMT’s web applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world meaning that you can stay connected with managers, employees, and clients from anywhere in the world hassle-free. You’ll never want to go into the office again!

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Moving your company onto a digital platform can be a daunting task, which is why DIMT offers exceptional customer service to each of our clients. Whether you just need to ask a quick question about your app or you want an entire meeting to go through the digitalisation process, we’re here to guide you, making the process as stress-free as possible.


"It really impressed us that each site got an application that was unique to their own site requirements. DIMT worked closely with us in the development of each of the applications and it was no trouble to add additional items during the process. An off-the-shelf application would not have added as much benefit…a useful training manual and user videos were also produced to demonstrate the use of the app to remote teams…"

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